6-12 years old
At the same time around the world!
Starts at 5 p.m. GMT

More than 100 varied examples
Participant certificate for each member
We compete not for marks but prizes

October 24
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We have created our games to be entertaining. During the game you can ask math questions and not just to learn something new but to get points for desired prize.

Children with any level of training will have fun and be proud of work done. There aren't any losers. Everyone compete only with themselves!
All tasks can be changed, there isn't any penalty for a mistake, mistakes help to educate and to find your own learning strategy.
Everyone choose tasks to solve, how fast and in what order to do that, and, mainly, which prizes to get for your points!
In the prize zone there are courses in many fields from art to programming, eBooks and board games, goods of interest, and all that can interest a schoolchild.
Broadcast of ''The Game Opening"
Words of welcome. The game rules.
Test game
5-minutes training of a child for introduction to the platform.
The game
45 minutes for tasks' solution, you can choose your own complexity lever, change cards, jump during a warm up ;) Every card gives its own number of points.
Broadcast "Closing of the activity"
Congratulations on the game's end, the prize zone announcement.
The prize zone
All children choose presents for gained points!
Statistics and certificates
All children get electronic certificates. On buying "Statistics'' parent gets detail information on child's solutions.

1st – 6th grades for 1 user
24 October,
5 p.m. GMT
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    1st – 6th grades for 1 user
    24 October,
    5 p.m. GMT
    Что включается в бесплатное участие и какие есть варианты?
    Участвовать в Math Games можно абсолютно бесплатно: ребенку будут доступны все задания и призовая зона, где можно будет потратить заработанные баллы. А после игр каждый участник получит электронный сертификат.

    Однако, бесплатное участие не включает в себя медаль, кубок и другую наградную продукцию, а в призовой зоне можно будет сделать выбор только среди онлайн-призов.

    Онлайн призы - это различные мастер-классы, курсы, видео-уроки (например, курсы по рисованию или химии, различные электронные книги или подписки на сервисы) в большинстве своём, это то, что партнёрские компании продают на широкую аудиторию, но для них это не создаёт добавочной стоимости и они могут делиться этим в рамках партнёрских взаимодействий (дополнительная копия онлайн книги, например).

    По этой причине мы предлагаем родителям дополнительную возможность для награждения или своих детей, самое важное и интересное на наш взгляд:
    1. Медаль для тех, кто дошел до конца. Такие награды хорошо мотивируют детей достигать новых высот. Самый популярный товар на наших играх, как на площадках, так и в онлайн-формате.
    2. Дополнительно можно заказать подписанный сертификат участника игр, подписанный президентом фонда МиКЭБИ. Он придет в красивой рамочке, чтобы его сразу можно было повесить на самое видное место. Это то, что просят очень многие родители.
    3. Дополнительная призовая зона — это место, где можно получить гораздо больше интересных подарков от наших партнеров. Помимо крутых онлайн-курсов и вебинаров, тут будут настольные игры, книги, различная канцелярия и другие физические призы, которые после игр придут к вам по почте.
    4. Расширенная статистика позволяет родителю оценить стратегию и посмотреть на сильные и слабые стороны. Статистика содержит информацию о том, какие карточки ребенок брал, от каких отказывался, насколько быстро или медленно он решал, общий рейтинг и др.
    What is EO Math Games Online?
    The EO Math Games are an online marathon where you complete cards with math problems. Children get points for correct answers throughout the game and spend them on prizes after the game. The correct answers are displayed right after a player clicks on the "Check" button. A player can change the card at any moment of the game.

    What is the purpose of EO Math Games?
    The purpose of the ExpoOlimpia Math Games is to show children that math can be a fun festival, which fosters in them passion to study, learn new topics, and achieve better results.

    Who organizes the EO Math Games?
    The Math Games are a project of the MiKEBI Education Development Foundation, a Saint Petersburg-based nonprofit organization that aims to develop children's ability to learn, think creatively, be independent, successful and make conscious choices.

    How do I participate in the EO Math Games?
    Who can participate in the EO Math Games?
    The EO Math Games are open to school children in 1st through 6th grades.
    EO Math Games rules
    1. The game consists of solving math problem cards.
    2. Cards include several problems and have different levels of difficulty. Anyone can solve level 1 cards, while the last level is the most difficult one.
    3. Throughout the game, players pick cards of any difficulty level, solve them, and then the system checks the answers.
    4. If the answers are correct, a player receives so-called "olimpic points", and picks the next card to solve.
    5. If some of the entered answers are incorrect, no olimpic points are gained, and a player has to pick another card.
    6. If a card is too difficult, boring, or a child just doesn't like it, they can change it at any moment of the game.
    Questions to prepare for the game
    СAt what skill level can my child participate in the EO Math Games?Everything your child needs to know to play the game, your child already knows. There are several levels of problem cards. Anyone can solve the first level, while the last levels are the most difficult ones and are designed to go beyond the school curriculum. It is up to your child to decide which level to pick. The most important thing to do is to review the game rules together with your child and explain to them how levels work. You can download problem card samples in advance and help your child devise a strategy for the game.

    What does a child need to play the game?One of the following devices with a stable Internet connection is required: a desktop, a laptop, or a tablet. Also, please do not forget to prepare a notebook and your child's favorite pen.
    The day before the game
    What needs to be done the day before the game?The day before the game you will receive an e-mail containing information about the upcoming game and some helpful recommendations. Please remember to check your e-mail the day before the game. In brief: review the game rules with your child, prepare a notebook, a pen, and a ready-to-play device.

    How do I check a device for the game?We strongly recommend that you use a device with the latest version of Google Chrome browser installed. You can download Google Chrome by following this link.
    We also advise you to make sure that your child knows how to enter the following characters into a box on the selected device.

    Are there any other recommendations before the game?The day before the game talk to your child, discuss their expectations. Do not worry, your emotions affect your child. It is better to tell them that you believe in them and have no doubts that everything will work out — because the Math Games are a festival!

    Don't stay up late — everything is perceived differently when one is sleepy. It is better to get up early in order to get ready for the game.

    The day of the game
    GTMHow do I start the game?To connect to the game sign into your account, select the forthcoming game, locate and click the "Player dashboard" below your child's profile information. If your child is playing on another device, click the "Copy link" button, send it to your child's device, and then open it in a browser. The opened page will display a message about the recommended browser, a picture, and an "Enter the player dashboard" button. After clicking on the button, you will be redirected to the player dashboard to wait for a welcoming live stream to start.

    What happens after the main game?
    After the end of the main game, all players have their proudly earned olimpic points which they can spend in the Shop. The shop closes at 20:00 GTM the same day. To get additional points, children may continue playing the game until the end of the game day.

    What to do if there are technical problems with the game?Please do not hesitate to contact us in the support chat.
    After the game
    How do I know the results of the game?
    The number of the child's points and their digital certificate will be available in the parent dashboard in the "Results" tab. You need to select the game, click on the relevant grade and choose "Player scores". Information about the certificate will be displayed at the top of the screen.

    How the rate point are calculated?
    The olimpcoins earned during the 40-minute rating game are counted as rate points. Please note that the number of rate points a player earns is usually less than the total number of olimpcoins. The difference in the numbers is due to the fact that the olympcoins earned during the test game and after the end of the rating period remain in the child's account, but they are not counted as points.

    How do I get an digital certificate for participating in the game?
    After the event all players receive a digital certificate. It will be available in the "Results" tab of the parent dasboard. You need to select the game, to click on a relevant school year and to choose "Player scores". Information about the certificate will be displayed at the top of the screen.

    How do I see what prizes my child bought?
    Purchased prizes are always available in the child's player dashboard where they solved the game cards. To access the prizes, click the "Prizes" tab.

    How do I know about the next Games?
    Please follow us on social networks to stay up to date.

    Delivery of prizes and extras
    How and where do I get physical prizes?
    Within a few days after the end of the game, you will be notified by e-mail about the shipment. All prizes and merchandize will be sent to your home address with a tracking number of the parcel.
    Other issues
    My child has school or club at the time of the game. Is it possible to participate at another time?
    Unfortunately, it is not, but we can send a formal letter to your school or study club organization requesting that the student be excused from a class. If you need such letter, please contact our support team in the support chat .

    How to become our partner?
    Message us on social media, e-mail us at

    Can we have the EO Math Games at our school?
    Please e-mail us at to get more details.
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